Silicon Valley Startup – LUMOback Tech’s Charles Wong


Meet Silicon Valley startup LUMOback Tech’s Charles Wong. Trained as a medical doctor, Charles decided to take that fork in the road and go the tech route. He got his MBA from Stanford, and went on to co-found LUMOBack Tech. They raised money both through the traditional Venture Capital round and via Kickstarter, the crowd funded route.

The startup is in the new space of Wearbale Technology that is expected to see a strong growth in the coming years and 2014 is labelled by some as the year of “Wearable Technology.” The startup has 2 wearable devices in the market- LUMOBack and Lumo, both of which help you correct your posture. LUMOback not only helps improve your posture, but also alleviates your back problems.

In this interview Charles talks about how they came up with the idea for a wearable device and their first prototype. He still carries the drawing of their first prototype in his wallet. He explains how their products work and the iPhone app that helps provide feedback and help improve your posture.

This interview was originally aired on TV in SF bay area.

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