Dr. Ashish Gupta of Helion Venture Partners is one of the earliest investors in India. About 10 years ago he moved from Silicon Valley to Bangalore, India and started investing in startups. Helion is one of the leading investors in Indian starups. Dr. Gupta has seen the evolution of the startup landscape in India and in Bangalore in particular. Helion Venture has raised over $600 million so far and is in the process of closing another new round of funds.

We sat down to speak with Dr. Gupta to find out about the current investment trends in Banglaore, India. Bangalore is the startup capital of India and has more startups than other any other Indian city. Has Bangalore stepped out of its world back-office as James Crabtree of The Financial Times put in? What is the startup scene in Bangalore like? How are startups exiting in India?  It seems like acquisition is one of the exit strategies for Indian startups. Why is that? For example, Gupta’s Helion Ventures decided to exit Flipkart, an Indian unicorn company and we wated to find out why.

Dr. Gupta now divides his time between Silicon Valley and Bangalore, India.

This interview aired on TV in San Francisco bay area.

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