Cascada de Flores

Cascada de Flores

Cascade de Flores is a San Francisco Bay area musical ensemble founded by Arwen Lawrence and Jorge Liceaga in 1999. Their musical repertoire consists of music from Mexico and Latin America.

A hallmark of their repertoire is they focus on bringing music from the hidden corners of Mexico, Cuba and Latin America. Their last album Radio Flor pays homage to music from the 1930s and 1940s when radio was the primary platform that united people from Latin America and Mexico. So far the group has produced 4 albums.

We recently interviewed them for our TV show and here is a clip from it. In this video clip below they perform Claveles (carnations) in Spanish

Arwen is on vocals with Kyla Danysh on violin, Jorge Liceaga on guitar and Saul Sierra- Alonso on bass.


Watch out for our extended interview with Cascada de Flores.

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