Catch our interview with educator, author and film historian Dr. Annette Insdorf of Columbia University on Oakland’s KTOP TV on Friday, June 22, 2018 at 7.30 pm. The program airs on Comcast 10 and folks in Oakland, East Bay and even some parts of San Francisco.

We spoke with Dr. Insdorf  about her love for films and how she prepares for her regular in-person with famous filmmakers called Reel Places at 92Y in New York. She currently teaches  film history at Columbia University in New York and prior to that taught at Yale University. She has taught many well-known actors and filmmakers like Angela Bassett, Ed Norton, Rami Bahrani and others.

Every week you can catch our weekly TV show on KTOP, Comcast 10 in Oakland and East Bay in the San Francisco area.

Here is a list of TV stations in the US that broadcast our weekly TV show. Do subscribe to our YouTube channel where we feature new interviews every week.

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