Silicon Valley’s CollegeFeed Acquired By AfterCollege

Silicon Valley-based startup CollegeFeed, a social network for college students was acquired by Arizona-based AfterCollege. The acquisition announcement was made yesterday, but the terms of the deal were not disclosed. Sanjeev Agarwal, one of the co-founders of CollegeFeed will join the board of AfterCollege that was founded in 1999 by Roberto Angulo. The merger of the two companies means that they have created the largest career hub that helps recent college students find jobs. AferCollege currently has about 1.5 profiles of  students and CollegeFeed’s student profiles will be added into this pool. What CollegeFeed brings to the table are the tools they have built over the past couple of years.

Agarwal and Aman Khanna founded CollegeFeed a couple of years ago. The idea for the startup was born from the experiences of Agarwal and Khanna in trying to find the right job after they graduated from school. They built a platform to connect recent college graduates with prospective employees. They raised about $2.5 million for Accel Partners and others in their first round of funding. When I spoke with Khanna last year they were thinking of raising a new round of funding.

This video interview with Khanna was broadcast on TV in San Francisco bay area, where talks about how the idea for CollegFeed was born and how they built the platform to help students find the right job.


Video: CollegeFeed’s Aman Khanna

Mountain View-based startup CollegeFeed matches recent graduates with prospective employers. Think of it as social networking site is how Aman Khanna, co-founder of the startup puts it. Founded in 2013 by Sanjeev Agarwal and  Khanna, the startup raised $1.8 million in funding led by Accel Partners.

We sat down to talk to Khanna about Collegefeed and what propelled him to take the plunge right after he completed his MBA from Stanford Business School. How is CollegeFeed different from other companies in this space? Prior to this Khanna worked in a series of companies as an engineer in India and the US. This is Khanna’s first shot at entrepreneurship.