Intel The Kamla Show


A visit to Intel Museum is Santa Clara was in my bucket list for over a decade. I had driven past Intel so many times, and yet never made the right turn to Intel’s campus and to the Robert Noyce building where the museum is located. I finally did visit the museum and came away learning quite a bit about this iconic company that shaped Silicon Valley’s culture. At a personal level it also shaped the way I used computers and laptops.

Ever wondered what Intel stands for? Here is what it stands for.

Intel The Kamla Show


Intel was founded in 1968 in Mountain View by Robert Noyce and Gordon Moore of the “Moore’s Law” fame. It went IPO in 1971.


Intel in the beginning





The museum makes for an interesting visit and you get to see and find out about the basic blocks of building a microprocessor. The basic and most important ingredient is silicon that comes from sand.


Intel-Purified Silicon



Here are some more images from Intel’s museum about wafer, chips and clean rooms.

A visit to Intel’s museum is free. It is located at Robert N. Noyce Building, 2200 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, CA 95052. For more information about visiting the museum you can either call  408.765 5050 or email museum@intel.com