Matt Ross essays the role of Gavin Belson, CEO of Hooli in HBO’s Silicon Valley. We wanted to find out more about Belson  and got an opportunity to do that. Ross has a new film out coming out later this month called Captain Fantastic that he wrote and directed. Stay tuned for a longer interview with him about Captain Fantastic.

Over $10 Billion Invested by Venture Capitalists In 2015

In last night’s episode of HBO’s Silicon Valley, you watched the good folks at Pied Piper struggling to raise their first round of funding from Venture Capitalists (VC). This, after being chased by VCs, who were eager to invest in the startup in last week’s episode. You may have fleetingly wondered how much was actually invested by VC’s in the first quarter of 2015? Well, the number are out.  $13.4 billion was invested according to this press release from The National Venture Capital Association.  This amount was invested in 1,020 deals.

So what is the pattern? Which sector got the most and which region got the maximum dollars you ask? Unsurprisingly, the software industry ranks first when it comes to those investment dollars, and the biotechnology sector ranked second. When you break down the investments by region it should come as no surprise that Silicon Valley ranks first.

Here is a link to a nifty info graph  about the investment dollars, sectors, regions and other useful information from the MoneyTree report about VC investments in the first quarter of 2015

HBO’s Silicon Valley Season Two Premieres Today

They are back. You know the  nerd pack from “Silicon Valley’s Pied Piper consisting of Richard Hendriks, Bertram Gilfoyle,  Dinesh Chugtai Ehrlich Bachman and others. After a successful first season, HBO’s “Silicon Valley premiers its second season today. Sadly, Christopher Evan, who plays the socially awkward Venture Capitalist Peter Gregory in the series passed away. He will be missed.

Ever wonder how they get the tech part right in the TV series? They have a technical consultant who helps them get all the technical details right, including all those scribblings on the board. Meet Dr. Vinith Misra, who was a doctoral student at Stanford University, when he got an opportunity to work with the creators of “Silicon Valley.”  In a way this is Dr. Misra’s dream come true since it marries his love for technology with drama and films. A few months ago  I interviewed him about his technical consultant role in “Silicon Valley.” Check out the interview.