The San Jose Jazz Winter Fest starts on Feb 25th and runs all the way through March 8, 2016. And this  year they have a great line-up of singers, who will perform in downtown San Jose and in Palo Alto.  I think this is the first time  San Jose Jazz  is spreading its wings and reaching to music lovers up north in the Peninsula area. The festival features 25 singers from around the country and the bay area.

John Scofield, Regina Carter, Nicholas Payton Trio, Jackie Ryan, Delfeayo Marsalis Quarter and Bria Skonberg are some of the artists you can catch at this year’s San Jose Jazz Winterfest. The festival opens on Feb 25th with a performance by Kadhja Bonet, who released her album The Visitor last year. NPR Music described Bonet’s music as “cinematic and folky kind of psychedelic soul music impossible to pin down, a style one simply doesn’t hear regularly anymore.”

Jazz guitarist John Scofield is a well-known musician, who has played with Chet Baker, Miles Davis and others. Scofield fell in love with a guitar when he was 11 years old as he shares in this interview. He started off playing blues before migrating to playing jazz. You can catch Scofield and saxophonist Joe Lovano on Feb 27 at 8 pm at JCC Oshman Center in Palo Alto.

Last year I caught the talented trumpeter/vocalist Bria Skonberg at San Joser Jazz Summerfest and thoroughly enjoyed watching her show. Skonberg has a warm and wonderful stage presence. If you missed watching her, here is your chance to catch Skonberg on Sat, Mar 5, 6pm at Cafe Stritch in downtown San Jose.

Jazz violinist Regina Carter is back in the Bay area this year. Last year Carter played at the Stanford Jazz festival, and she is back at the San Jose Winter Fest on Sunday, Feb 28 at Trianon Theatre.

Trombonist Delfeayo Marsalis of the famous Marsalis family of New Orleans is also playing at this year’s festival. His brothers are Wynton and Branford Marsalis. You can catch Marsalis  at Cafe Stritch at 7 pm. Marsalis

For information about the show and tickets check out San Jose Jazz website.


For those of you who thought my show  – The Kamla Show – is available only online I have news for you. It is actually a weekly TV show that airs in many markets in the San Francisco bay area, and in a couple of places on the East Coast. And if everything goes well then we may have a couple more markets that will broadcast the show. All the interviews are available on my YouTube channel.

And there is a second piece of good news –  in a  couple of months we will hit that 100 mark. Yes, we will have recorded almost 100 TV shows with technologists, entrepreneurs, filmmakers and newsmakers from in and around the San Francisco bay area.

In the last couple of weeks we wrapped up  an intense schedule of shooting and are almost done with our post production. That means we have quita a few interviews lined up for airing for the next few weeks. Here is a sample of what you can expect to see in July in that video clip on top.

We interviewed Catlin Powers, CEO and co-founder of One Earth Design. She shares how they got started in creating a solar cooker in China. The whole idea came about when Powers noticed the high rate of pollution from the stove among the nomads in China. That got her thinking about pollution and finding a safe cooking fuel. After many years of research and beta testing they finally got solar cooker right. We find out how she got started in this journey of entreprenruship and sustainable energy.

And, we have an exclusive with Zia Syed, founder and CEO of ClipMine, a Mountain View-based startup that is doing something very interesting in the video space. Syed says they are the first company to tag and contextualize YouTube videos. We find out from how how he got started on the idea for his startup.

Finally, we spoke with Bruce Labadie, artistic director of San Jose Jazz Festival  This year they are celebrating their 26th year of the festival. Labadie shares the program highlights for the festival that takes place from Aug 7-9, 2015 in downtown San Jose. Over 100 artists are expected to perform across 12 stages.

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