LinkedIn To Buy For $1.5 Billion In Cash & Stock



LinkedIn announced today it is buying, an online learning platform for $1.5 billion. This is the largest acquisiton by Mountain View-based LinkedIn. This is a mix of cash and stock deal with approximately 52 % in  cash and approximately 48 % in stock. LinkedIn plans to close the acquisition by the end of second quarter of  2015 according to their press release. In 2013 LinkedIn acquired Pulse for $90 million.

I guess this merger makes strategic sense since we live in a world of lifelong learning and need to constantly update our array of skills. That is where Lynda comes in with its vast repertoire of online classes. Lynda Weinmann  founded the company in 1995 to help “de-mystifying design software for my technology-phobic art students,” as she puts it in this post. “Our story is one only possible in the Internet age,” she adds. And that is so true. Continue reading

Podcast: Reid Hoffman on LinkedIn, Entrepreneurship and Small Good Part-2

LISTEN: Reid Hoffman on LinkedIn, Entrepreneurship and Small Good Part-2

Reid Hoffman on The Kamla Show

Reid Hoffman

This interview was recorded in 2008 at LinkedIn’s office in Mountain View.

LinkedIn was co-founded by Reid Hoffman in 2002 and was officially launced in 2003. Hoffman is often described as the most connected person in Silicon Valley. He is the executive chairman of LinkedIn and a partner at Greylock Partners, a venture capital firm in Silicon Valley.

In Part-2 of the interview Hoffman talks about his journey as an entrepreneur. After he graduated from Stanford, he went to Oxford from where he received his Master’s and came back to Silicon Valley to start a company. But, he had to wait a few  years before he realized that dream. In the interim he worked at PayPal and eBay and then went to realize his dream, which became the successful company LinkedIn.

In this episode we find out from Hoffman about his famous notion of a small good. What is small good and how it help people? What advice Hoffman have to offer young entrepreneurs? What does technology mean to him? What have the seven deadly sins got to do with entrepreneurship? What keeps him awake at nights? Can I get out all the features out in time is Hoffman’s prompt answer. And the one word that he would use to describe himself? What about LinkedIn’s plans in India? How does LinkedIn plan to stay relevant in the mobile world? Tune in to find out what Reid has to say about all these questions.

In case you missed, you might want to listen to Part-1 of the interview with Hoffman.

This interview was recorded in LinkedIn’s Mountain View office in 2008 and originally published by LiveMint.

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