There is a fascinating exhibit at the San Jose Museum of Art that features 9 artists of Indian origin called “Postdate: Photography and Inherited Art in India,” This is the first time such an exhibit has been put together that looks at how modern Indian artists look back and interpret their inherited history in India.

We spoke to Sherill Ingalls of San Jose Museum of Art about the exhibit and how they chose the 9 artits for the exhibit. Eight of them live in India, while one of the artist teached at the Rhode Island School of Design in the US.

The artists featured in the show include Vivan Sundaram, whose aunt is the famous Indian artist Amrita Sher-Gil. Others include Jitesh Kallat, Gauri Gill, Pushpamala M, Surekha, Anna Palakunnathu Mathew, Madhuban Mitra, Mansas Bhattacharya and Raqs Media Collective.

The exhibit is on till August 2, 2014. For more information visit San Jose Museum of Art.

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Art and films – that is what we are talking about with our guests in our upcoming interviews. Sherill Ingalls of San Jose Museum of Art talks about their current exhibit “Postdate: Photography and Inherited History in India” that features 9 contemporary artists from India.

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