Twitter turns 10 today. And in 10 years Twitter has changed our world and how we connect, communicate and share with people around the world. And in 10 years Twitter’s journey has been a roller coaster ride where it went from a scrappy startup to a public company. Here is a quick history of Twitter in tweets from Wired. Who knew then that Twitter would become an obsession with millions of people around the world. And who knew that in one swift stroke you can deactivate your account like Stephen Fry did.

What is the future of Twitter is a central question that is on most people’s mind, including the folks at Bloomberg Businessweek, who did an in-depth interview with Twitter’s CEO Jack Dorsey.

About 7 years ago I wrote an article on Twitter for Open, a popular magazine in India. I recollect how long it took me to persuade the editor to get this article published. I got asked – “Why Twitter?”or  “What is so special about Twitter?” You see 7 years ago Twitter was confined to the geeks and startup folks in India, and most had not heard about this San Francisco-based company. Fast forward to 2016 and Twitter is a big phenom in India to put it mildly and has an office in the country.

Here is the article that was published in Open called I Tweet, So I Am

IT’S OFFICIAL—RUNNING for Gov of CA.  Wanted you to be the first to know. Need your help. Check out video: and ReTweet.” Yes, that is how San Francisco Governor Gavin Newsom, 41, announced that he is officially entering the California Governor’s race in 2010. Instead of holding a traditional press conference, the Democratic politician used a free social utility tool called Twitter—which limits your messages to 140 characters (20 characters less than an SMS)—to reach out simultaneously to thousands of his followers. Continue reading