Master Sommelier Richard Dean of San Francisco’s Taj Campton Place

Master Sommelier Richard Dean of Taj Campton Place

We sat down to talk with Master Sommelier Richard Dean of San Francisco’s Taj Campton Place. Here is an interesting fact I discovered from him and that is there are less than 240 Master Sommeliers in the world.He was the youngest in the world  and the second American to become a Master Sommelier in the world. Dean became a Master Sommelier about 40 years ago when California was not considered as a wine growing region.

When you meet  Dean he instantly makes you feel at ease. Perhaps that is the reason I felt comfortable enough to ask him really basic questions about wine, what glass to use with what wine, the art of pairing food with wine and his recommendations for visiting the vineyards in the San Francisco Bay area. And, we also wanted to find out if he has a “nose” for wines or did he have to work really hard at his job? Tune in to find out what he has to say.

LISTEN: Master Sommelier Richard Dean of San Francisco’s Taj Campton Place

This interview with Master Sommelier Richard Dean was originally aired on TV in the US.

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Video – Master Sommelier Richard Dean of Taj Campton Place in San Francisco

Master Sommelier Richard Dean of Taj Campton Place in San Francisco is a gracious and generous host, who shares his deep knowledge of wines in this interview. There are less than 140 Master Sommeliers in the US, and Dean was the second person to became one, and also the youngest.

He grew up in the midwest and studied accounting and commerce. He found himself drawn to wines when he was working in Hawaii. That initial passion turned into a full-time profession. When he became a Maser Sommelier California wines were not the “in” thing, it was wines front he Old World that were mostly served at the table. He has been with the Taj Group of Hotels for many years.

In this video interview we find out how he became a Sommelier and answers the question if one has to have a “good nose” to become a connoisseur. How do you choose a good bottle of wine? What wine is paired with Indian food, an eternal conundrum for those who want to serve Indian food. And, he walks us through wines of California and answers that nagging question – why are there so many different wine glasses? How are they different.

Every month The Taj Campton Place hosts a wine tasting dinner that features wines from California.

Dean has been with the Taj Group of Hotels for many years and has traveled to India quite a bit.


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