Lawrence Kasdan

Lawrence Kasdan

Lawrence Kasdan is a writer, producer and director. He is the co-writer of Star Wars: The Force Awakens that opened today in the US.  Kasdan c0-wrote other Star Wars films.

He wrote and directed The Big Chill. Earlier this year Kasdan was recognized for his work by Silicon Valley’s Cinequest Film Festival, which ia where we got to speak to him about Star Wars, George Lucas and writing screenplays.

I wondered what winning an award meant to Kasdan.  “So, when there is an external sign that someone values what you have done …it is a nice relief from a normal, lonely process,” he responded. That answer by Kasdan reminds you that we often forget that writing is a lonely and demanding process.


There is an interesting story of how Kasdan became a writer and how Arthur Miller “the playwright” of the day as he puts it influenced his decision  to go to University of Michigan (U of MI). Kasdan joined U of MI  to study under Professor Kenneth Thorpe Rowe, who was Miller’s teacher.

Kasdan has worked extensively with George Lucas. Why were Lucas and Steven Spielberg drawn to Kasdan’s writings? They both read Continental Divide and probably responded to the slightly Hawksian relationship between the heroine and the leading man he says. When Lucas and Spielberg read the script they wanted that tone, which  was a hallmark of Howard Hawks films points out Kasdan.

Tune in to find out what Kasdan has to say about writing for films, Star Wars, George Lucas and if he is an iPhone or an Android user.







Video: Lawrence Kasdan on Star Wars, George Lucas and Writing


Meet Lawrence Kasdan – writer, director and producer. He co-wrote the screenplay for George Lucas’s “Star Wars” trilogy, He worked with JJ Abrams on the latest Star Wars film “The Force Awakens,” that releases in December 2015.

Kasdan was honored with a Maverick Spirit Award at the recent Cinequest Film Festival, which is where I got an opportunity to interview him  about his long association with George Lucas, and his writing and the influence of his professor Kenneth Thorpe Rowe, who taught at University of Michigan. Why did Kasdan want to study with Prof. Rowe?  It was because of Arthur Miller. You see Miller was a student of Prof. Rowe and Kasdan was a fan of Miller’s writings.  So, we talked about Rowe, who is the author of two seminal books, “Write That Play,” and “A Theatre In Your Head.”

Besides his writings, Kasdan has directed and produced films such as “The Big Chill,” “Grand Canyon,” “Body Heat,” and “Accidental Tourist.”