For the past 2 years we have produced a special TV series on Women in Science & Tech. Our sense was that this series would resonate with our audience in the San Francisco Bay area. Happily we got very encouraging feedback from viewers and programming folks from various TV stations.  And then we expanded our footprint and ventured outside of our comfort zone in SF Bay area. Happily we got very encouraging feedback from the programming folks from various markets in the USA. All this encouraging feedback means that need to produce more episodes in 2017.

Guests featured in this series share their story of how they got interested in math and science, and how their parents helped develop their interest. Not all of them had an easy time at school and a couple of them did not pursue math and science in college, and yet they ended up working in the tech industry. Tune in to find out their stories.

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Danielle Applestone is CEO of Other Machine Co., a hardware company that makes desktop milling machine called Other Mill. The company is based in Berkeley and manufactures its desktop milling machines locally in San Francisco Bay area.

We sat down to speak to Applestone on how she developed in interest in math and science from an early age. Her parents encouraged her interest in math and science and she learnt to fix things around the house as a young girl says Applestone. She went to a magnet school in Arkansas and decided to study chemical engineering.

We also spoke about her journey from Arkansas to Boston where she studied chemical engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Turns out she really did not want to study chemical engineering, and her interest was in material science. She then headed south to Texas to get her PhD in Material Science from University of Texas at Austin.

She was interviewing for a job at Tesla in Silicon Valley, when she switched her plans and went to work at Other Machine Co. She has helped raise money for the company and is focussed on building and expanding Other Machine’s footprint.

What advice does Applestone have for young girls? Tune in to find out Applestone’s very practical advice on how to hack the system and become an effective player.

This TV interview was sponsored by Zoho and is part of our Women in Science and Tech series.

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Amy Love @2016


Meet Amy Love, who along with her parents is instrumental in girls being able to play for their soccer teams in the US. It all started when Love moved back with her family from Brazil to the San Francisco Bay area. She was passionate about baseball and soccer and qualified to play for her soccer team in the East bay. But, it turns out that she was banned from playing for her team because she was a girl. Why can’t I play soccer Love asked her parents. That resulted in the Loves filing a class action suit, which they won. That legal victory allowed Love and other girls to play soccer for their teams in the US.

We sat down with Love to find out about her love for her sports that eventually led her to founding a magazine for women called Real Sports. The magazine now exists on the web. Love currently works as the Chief Marketing Officer of Violin Memory, a publicly traded company in Silicon Valley.


This interview is part of our Women in Science and Technology TV series. You can watch the interview with Love here.

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Nachiketa Yakkundi is a musician and an engineer, who has the rare distinction of being associated with  the same Silicon Valley company for over 2 decades. Music is his central passion and we talk to him to find out what propelled him to study engineering and put his music on the back-burner?

Yakkundi studied with Pandit Basvraj Rajguru in Dharwad, Karnataka, India, which is famous for its musical heritage.His music teacher was intensely disappointed when Yakkundi left India and travelled to a small Midwestern town called Alliance in Ohio for his undergraduate studies. He went to get a graduate degree and moved to Silicon Valley in the 1990s.

In this wide-ranging interview we talk to Yakkundi music, coming to America and eventually settling down in Silicon Valley, where he found a new home for his music and started a music school in Cupertino. Yakkundi works with Naatak, a Silicon Valley theatre group on their productions.

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We sat down to speak with  Shampa Banerjee for our Women in Science and Technology TV series. We were curious to find out how and why a trained physicist like her left a career in ivory tower and cross over to the business side of startups and technology?  Banerjee has a Phd in physics and was pursuing a post-doctorate when a chance conversation led to a change in her career path and brought her to Silicon Valley.  Banerjee has led engineering teams and defined product strategies for various companies in Silcion Valley. How is her perspective different from that of an engineer? Tune in to find out.

Banerjee is the Chief Product Officer of Eros Now, digital division of Eros International the largest integrated studio for Bollywood films. Eros Now is located in Silicon Valley.

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